Empowering Women

What  is 1000 Shades of women ? 

Thousand shades of women

the beauty we deliver, comes in all shapes and colors,

now people are wondering,

is what makes us phenomenal more than our outer appearance,

I say yes, for our endurance has out lasted the naysayers,

never understanding the minds behind the thousand shades of woman partakers,

we are critical and intellectual,

physical and emotional,

we are the thinkers for the future,

nurturers for our sons and daughters,

the backbone to our significant others,

we are the mother’s, aunts, cousins, sisters, and the caregivers,

never allow society to dictate our future or our body,

for we are a thousand shades of women,

our cry will be heard loudly,

our tears will flow silently,

no stains or residual,

like invisible ink our story will be scribed mentally…deeply, for ages to come,

our complexion does not separate us but makes us one,

the challenges we face is not uncommon,

for our past has taught us,

our future will guide us,

and presently we are leaving footsteps in the sand for another thousand shades of women to follow.

Written by Mark Edwards, Author of “You, Me, and the Paper”

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