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The Great Battle of Self Esteem

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Hey Divas! So many of us are battling with self esteem issues due to a belief system, society and the media, even because of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. We also deal with academic challenges, negative comments throughout our childhood from family or friends, spousal abuse or a negative work environment. Let’s fight together to overcome this issues by having faith and believing in ourselves. Block all the negative memories and thoughts and learn to compliment and uplift ourselves.

Having a low self esteem can cause us to settle for less because you’ll always feel the need to validate yourself for others. Divas, we are strong and powerful and we will not let nothing get in the way of our diva-vicious ways. Love and accept who we are, accept our
beauty inside and out. Give thanks for our blessings and forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We must be kind to others without sacrificing our own needs and take responsibility for our lives so that we can love ourselves to the best of our ability!

“Love yourself, forgive yourself, be true to yourself, how
to treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” ~  Dr. Steve Maraboli

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  1. I’ve just been reading an article about 5 ways to raise your self esteem.

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