Do you know your worth? By @theofficialmsp

Self worth – it’s amazing how many people struggle with their value. Some of you may know that Self-worth is based on the value you place on yourself and what you think about yourself. Some pretend or convince self to believe that they truly value who they are, right up until the part when it comes to relationships. When I say relationships, I’m speaking overall – friendships, idolizing celebrities, lovers, family or work related.

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Blessings Party. 

Hello Fellow Queen
You’re cordially invited to join us in celebrating our blessings. This blessing party consists of appreciating what we have before us ,there’s no invite for negativity or pity. Let’s leave the self loathing,self doubt,low self esteem at the door. Life’s trials and tribulations test my faith daily , but God’s blessings shine upon me daily and I remain standing with a sense of gratitude , happiness and confidence.When negativity tries to block my path and negative self thoughts try to lay groundwork of insecurities ,I bypass with positive mental attitude ,my self esteem took over and laid a foundation that cannot be penetrated.Lets swing away pity party those days are over ,we are going to Boogie with happiness,whip the Nae-Nae with high self confidence. So come join me and celebrate the new phenomenal woman. Dress code: Class, Dignity ,Strength and Laughs. Sponsored by Faith ,Resilience,Love and absolutely no stress. “A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect,heal,and strengthen. “