Love Is All We Need!

Love Is All We Need!


Love is what the what the world needs, right? We are busy hustling and bustling at the seems, afraid to be loved. Why are we busting instead of loving? Is it insane to love your neighbors as thyself? I’d rather think it was insane to not love thy neighbor as thyself.

Love is what the world needs, right? As the dew lingers and the ships sail, all we need is for the light to shine on to the waters, now that’s love. When the early morning sun falls on to the grass, where the cows are out to pasture. I truly believe this is love.

Love is what the world needs, right? Mother earth is feeding it’s children, and the children are forever grateful for the food of knowledge. There is fresh water from the lake that the mother left for her children whom are thirsty and still, the children are grateful. This is the true meaning of love. ~ Sibrena Stowe Geraldino

Take Control Of Your Life Now

Take Control Of Your Life Now

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful? Do you think success means that you make a lot of money, live in a fabulous mansion and drive an exotic European car? I’m here to tell you that being successful is only a state of mind! You can take control of your life now, why wait?

I’d like to share with you 30 tips from to help you get your mind right so that you can accomplish your personal goals.

1. Identify where you are stuck in your life. Take steps toward getting unstuck, even if it means pushing well beyond your comfort zone. Action is the only remedy for fear.

2. Develop your observing ego by stepping outside yourself and seeing who you are during the day. How do you come across to others? Do you like what you see? If you don’t, modify your behavior.

3. Identify your biggest strengths and make sure you use those strengths in your profession. If you do, it’s likely you have found your passion.

4. Scared to speak up? Preparation and practice can help you pull off the perfect speech. Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself a positive pep talk. You can do it!

5. Get a good night’s sleep. Not only will eight hours keep you mentally sharp, but a full night’s rest can keep your appetite in check too. Experts recommend eight hours for everyone.

6. Is the Web site for your business representing your company in the best light possible? If not, spruce it up.

7. Set benchmarks for the progress of your business. Are you holding yourself accountable for meeting them? You should be.

8. Write to achieve. Write down your goals and dreams to declare yourself in the game. It’s like holding up an “Open for Business” sign for your life.

9. Keep a notebook with you at all times. If you wake up at 3 a.m. with a brilliant idea, write it down. A blank notebook becomes a suggestion box for your brain, opening you up to new ideas.

10. Think of a favorite memory. When your mind is on overload, recalling a great memory can relax your mind. And it just might make you smile too.

11. Don’t compromise when you feel strongly about something.

12. Develop a love for learning.

13. Write a handwritten note to the people in your life you want to connect with the most.

14. Round up your friends and family. Regularly inviting others to do something fun like ice skating, shopping or meeting for coffee can improve your relationships.

15. Become a student of your chosen career.

16. Commit to your dreams. Don’t be afraid or too proud to make short-term sacrifices to achieve your goals.

17. Listen to mentors. Take advice from a trusted source in your industry.

18. Set deadlines. Define a specific timeframe for your goals and take small action steps to meet them.

19. Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.

20. Visualize by beginning with the end in mind.

21. Wake up to music and not an alarm.

22. Throughout the day frequently ask yourself: Is this activity moving me forward to achieve my most important lifetime goals?

23. Limit your television viewing to a few hours per week.

24. Plan your day the day before and plan your week the week before.

25. Realize failures bring about success. Risk is all about trying, getting in the game. You can’t succeed if you aren’t in the game.

26. Have confidence. Decide you are confident and have a more playful, less serious attitude about life. Most successful people do.

27. Write your own mission statement.

28. Get your priorities straight. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, to your community and to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.

29. Let yourself experience emotion. Know what love, grief and pain are.

30. Live every day like it’s your last. Be prepared for the end. Ask yourself: Am I ready? Am I doing all I need to do? Am I being the person I want to be?

Get Up, Dresss Up & Show Up!

Get Up, Dresss Up & Show Up!


Rise and Shine powerful Divas, you have the weapons to fight any shades of life though faith, self esteem and love. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong. Never forget the power of a strong woman when we speak Himalaya moves, when we cry Rainforests grows and when we believe the miraculous unfolds.

The Great Battle of Self Esteem

The Great Battle of Self Esteem

Hey Divas! So many of us are battling with self esteem issues due to a belief system, society and the media, even because of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. We also deal with academic challenges, negative comments throughout our childhood from family or friends, spousal abuse or a negative work environment. Let’s fight together to overcome this issues by having faith and believing in ourselves. Block all the negative memories and thoughts and learn to compliment and uplift ourselves.

Having a low self esteem can cause us to settle for less because you’ll always feel the need to validate yourself for others. Divas, we are strong and powerful and we will not let nothing get in the way of our diva-vicious ways. Love and accept who we are, accept our
beauty inside and out. Give thanks for our blessings and forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We must be kind to others without sacrificing our own needs and take responsibility for our lives so that we can love ourselves to the best of our ability!

“Love yourself, forgive yourself, be true to yourself, how
to treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” ~  Dr. Steve Maraboli

It's Nice To Be Nice

It's Nice To Be Nice



Ladies, whenever you’re not in the mood to be nice, always remember this,”It’s nice to be nice!” ~ Ola Mae Walker

Why should we be kind? It’s simple. You never know who is having a rough day or who may be having a health issue. Just try to be mindful of others. We are all going through various stages of our lives and perhaps not everyone deserves your kindness, especially if they are rude or obnoxious. However, you have the ability to take the high road. So, be nice and hopefully the people who hear your kind words or acts will pay it forward by passing it on to the next person they encounter!

Loyalty, Trust & Love By Abhijit Surve

Loyalty, Trust & Love By Abhijit Surve

We say that love demands a lot from you,
But reality suggests it is not at all true..
Two very simple things in love are a must,
One is devoted loyalty and a faithful trust..

Trust in your love make sure it is deep,
The returns you get is for you to keep..
The stronger the bond its harder to break,
Has to be so when there’s so much at stake..

When in a relation, its trust that you need,
True belief in your love demands your heed..
Once broken to pieces is hardly rebuilt,
At times you have to live with the guilt..

Here loyalty too plays an important role,
Offers a soothing cohort to a longing soul..
Staying with your love in joy and sorrow,
Smiles you give and the tears you borrow..

In a relation, loyalty brings you close,
The faith you show, when beside you pose..
Just one false step of treacherous mind,
Cracks apart relations of every kind..

Sometimes these emotions are put to test,
Puts two hearts in a conflicting unrest..
One reason all problems are easy to shun,
Is trusting the loyalty of your loved one..

A relation in itself is a bond so strong,
Together you face all the right and wrong..
These factors decide how long it stands,
Here loyalty and trust walk hand in hands..
~ Abhijit Surve