célébration de la journée internationale de lutte contre la drogue

1000 Shades of Women présente à la célébration de la journée internationale de lutte contre la drogue

Célébration de la journée internationale de lutte contre la drogue, la mission permanente du Sénégal auprès des Nations Unies a organisé une manifestation spéciale en collaboration avec la Fondation Mondiale pour un monde sans drogue et la Commission Internationale des droits de l’homme au Siège des Nations Unies à New York.L’événement a enregistré la participation …

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Didi Fall President of the 1000 Shades of Women Foundation at the High Level Side Event on Drug Education:

My purpose in life is to be a great humanitarian ,to leave a powerful legacy for future generations. I want to be the voice to the voiceless, and by God’s Mercy and Help I will succeed even if I’m crawling . Friday was a great empowering day for me . 1000 Shades of women had …

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Do you know your worth? By @theofficialmsp

Self worth – it’s amazing how many people struggle with their value. Some of you may know that Self-worth is based on the value you place on yourself and what you think about yourself. Some pretend or convince self to believe that they truly value who they are, right up until the part when it comes to relationships. When I say relationships, I’m speaking overall – friendships, idolizing celebrities, lovers, family or work related.

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Blessings Party. 

Hello Fellow Queen
You’re cordially invited to join us in celebrating our blessings. This blessing party consists of appreciating what we have before us ,there’s no invite for negativity or pity. Let’s leave the self loathing,self doubt,low self esteem at the door. Life’s trials and tribulations test my faith daily , but God’s blessings shine upon me daily and I remain standing with a sense of gratitude , happiness and confidence.When negativity tries to block my path and negative self thoughts try to lay groundwork of insecurities ,I bypass with positive mental attitude ,my self esteem took over and laid a foundation that cannot be penetrated.Lets swing away pity party those days are over ,we are going to Boogie with happiness,whip the Nae-Nae with high self confidence. So come join me and celebrate the new phenomenal woman. Dress code: Class, Dignity ,Strength and Laughs. Sponsored by Faith ,Resilience,Love and absolutely no stress. “A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect,heal,and strengthen. “

Empowering Women

What  is 1000 Shades of women ? 

Thousand shades of women

the beauty we deliver, comes in all shapes and colors,

now people are wondering,

is what makes us phenomenal more than our outer appearance,

I say yes, for our endurance has out lasted the naysayers,

never understanding the minds behind the thousand shades of woman partakers,

we are critical and intellectual,

physical and emotional,

we are the thinkers for the future,

nurturers for our sons and daughters,

the backbone to our significant others,

we are the mother’s, aunts, cousins, sisters, and the caregivers,

never allow society to dictate our future or our body,

for we are a thousand shades of women,

our cry will be heard loudly,

our tears will flow silently,

no stains or residual,

like invisible ink our story will be scribed mentally…deeply, for ages to come,

our complexion does not separate us but makes us one,

the challenges we face is not uncommon,

for our past has taught us,

our future will guide us,

and presently we are leaving footsteps in the sand for another thousand shades of women to follow.

Written by Mark Edwards, Author of “You, Me, and the Paper”

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Empowering Women

Be Positive And Live Life!!!

Live Life to the fullest.

Life is precious and should always be treasured

It is often taken for granted by many

One should be grateful each day

For our days may not be plenty

God grants us the gift of life

Each and every morning we awake

And we go about our daily lives

Having no clue what road the day will take

I thank him each and every day

For every tiny breath of my life

He alone knows the journey…

He alone knows the strife

As each year passes I am much more grateful

Than the year before

Loving and living life to the fullest

A whole hell of a lot more.

By 1000 Shades of women members…..